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Welcome to the District 67 Dashboard

In the spirit of continuous quality improvement, District 67 maintains transparent, open communication about the quality of its schools through a Dashboard. As a user of the Dashboard, you have access to student achievement, financial and other data that is important to you as a community member. Increasing student academic achievement, improving student emotional wellness and maintaining fiscal responsibility are our top priorities as a school district. This Dashboard is intended to provide a comprehensive overview of our progress in those goal areas. If this is your first time viewing the Dashboard, we suggest you view the Frequently Asked Questions document first.


How to use this Dashboard

Under each section you can view performance data related to the specific areas of Student Achievement, Human Resources, and Finance & Operations. To view data for each section just click on one of the indicators from the "fly out" menu next to that section. You will see a series of charts and graphs which allow you to observe and compare relevant data. Each metric contains current and historical data where it is available.


In some cases, you will also be able to view additional details or compare District 67's performance to national and state benchmarks or other comparison data where available. A short text explanation is included with each chart to help you interpret what the data means.


District Goals and Vision

District 67 creates goals and objectives each year. Click here to see documents related to the District 67 goals.