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Health Services
There is a health office equipped for first aid treatment in each school building. Certified School Nurses and Registered Nurses provide health care in these offices.

Please remember to complete your emergency contact forms before the beginning of each school year and update any time there is a change in your information. This form and your child’s physical exam form are your vehicle for communicating any health concerns to school. Parents are urged to notify the nurse if a child has any health problems.

Telephone the school office within one hour of the start of school if your child will be absent. Please report any communicable childhood diseases (e.g., chicken pox, impetigo, “strep” throat, conjunctivitis, etc.). The school will respect the privacy of the individual child, and may notify families of exposure to infectious disease.


Cherokee: 847-234-3805

Everett: 847-234-5713

Sheridan: 847-234-1160

DPM Grades 5/6: 847-615-4470 (press "1" to report an absence)
DPM Grades 7/8: 847-604-7400 (press "1" to report an absence)


Food Allergies/Anaphylaxis
The district has developed procedures for management of food allergies/anaphylaxis. The procedures guide and forms can be accessed by clicking on "Allergy Procedures" from the box at right.


School Safety
The safety of our children is a continuing responsibility of home, school, and community. Please urge your children to 1) go to and from school by the safest, most direct route, without loitering; 2) use the sidewalks when walking, and cross only at marked intersections; 3) use the sidewalks, except in the business district, for bicycling; 4) use the right side of the road where no sidewalk exists; 5) await the school bus in an orderly manner; and 6) younger children should always be escorted across train tracks by a responsible adult and everyone should cross tracks only in designated areas when it is safe to do so; and 7) understand what to do in the event schools must close early and students must be sent home before the usual dismissal time.

Our school entrance doors are equipped with keypads and camera monitors. Please ring the bell and identify yourself to the door monitor. Parents and visitors are asked to sign in upon entering the building and wear identification nametags throughout their stay in our buildings. Parents and visitors also need to sign out when exiting our facilities and return identification nametags.