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This page contains the most commonly referenced district policies and procedures, many of which can also be found in the District Handbook. A complete set of policies can be found in the Board Policy Manual, which is available for review online and in the District Administration Center. 


For questions regarding policies or procedures and their application, please contact the Office of the Superintendent, 847-604-7401.


Classroom Parties
Community Relations: Visitors to and Conduct on School Property (Policy 8:30)
Educational Records: Parental and Student Rights
Freedom of Information Act
Gifts (Policy 2:105)
Homework (Policy 6:290)
Notice of Special Educational Services for Exceptional Children
Parental Questions, Concerns, or Inquiries
School Admissions (Policy 7:50)
Student Appearance and Dress
Student Conduct, Expectations, and Discipline (Policies 7:70, 7:180, 7:190, 7:200, 7:210, 7:220)
Attendance and Truancy
Preventing Bullying Intimidation, and Harrassment
Student Discipline
Suspension Procedures
Expulsion Procedures
Bus Conduct
Transfer from Lake Forest Schools
Uniform Grievance Procedure (Policy 2:260)