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District 67 Character Traits

Teamwork: Working cooperatively to achieve a common goal.

Caring: Showing interest in the well being of yourself and others.

Honesty/Integrity: Doing what you know is right.

Respect: Valuing and showing consideration for yourself, the environment, and the community.

Responsibility: Taking ownership of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Emotional Wellness Committee (EWC) - Our Vision

  • The Emotional Wellness Initiative operates under the core belief that all adults who come into contact with our students have a profound impact on their development as individuals.

  • When schools effectively promote positive character development, they actually see strong academic benefits!

  • We know that successes in life and personal wellness are linked to a set of relational skills that truly can be modeled, practiced, and encouraged each day.

  • The skills toward working in teams, effective listening and speaking, positive decision-making, and calm conflict resolution can be strengthened and refined in our schools.

  • With a true spirit of collaboration between school staff, parents, and the community, we truly can guide our students toward reaching their unique potentials.


Parents as Partners Workshop
Please click here for workshop handouts.