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8th Grade Washington DC Trip Informational Meeting
Thursday, November 7th
5:00 pm in the DPM-W Cafeteria
Students traveling should attend with a parent


Bus Riders:
Beginning November 11th, students without ID's will be asked to return to the school office in the afternoon and if they are not shown as a paid rider, they will not be allowed to ride the bus. Please remind your students to have their ID with them each day. Whether the bus driver recognizes your student or not, it is expected and necessary that they show their ID.


Electronic Use During Homeroom

DPM-W Parents: For the month of November, students will be allowed to use some of their personal electronics during homeroom. At the end of the month, discussion will take place with the teachers to see how it went. If students continue to show responsibility, we will continue to offer this option for our students. Please note that your students will need a signed permission slip. It explains the details and expectations of the trial period. You can click HERE to see the rules that will be posted in every classroom.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 25th and 26th. Information on how to sign up for the conferences was mailed this past Monday, and included registration information and link. Registration will be open from 2:00am on November 4th through 11:55pm on November 7th online at www.ptconferencemaker.com/deerpath. The Log in and password are your child's student ID number. For assistance or questions, please contact our office!


Math Resource Center

Information here


is a “One Book, One School Community” program for Deer Path students, parents, siblings and staff. The book that we’ll read this year is Candy Bomber: The Story of the Berlin Airlift's "Chocolate Pilot" by Michael O. Tunnell. More infor at http://alldeerpathreads.weebly.com/.


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